5 Reasons to Use A Kobi Electric LED Troffer

Kobi Electric LED troffers are an all-in-one solution for replacing outdated fluorescent tube fixtures. Whether you’re a contractor looking for LED options for a new building project, or a facility manager needing to retrofit fluorescent tube fixtures, here’s five reasons the Kobi Electric LED Troffers have you covered:

High-Quality Light

The Kobi Electric LED Troffer offers excellent color rendering. The light they produce more accurately reflects existing colors. Fluorescent tubes have always had difficulty overcoming a green hue in their light production. Better light is easier on the eyes and provides an overall better atmosphere for the workplace, learning environments, medical facilities, and other commercial spaces.

Better Savings

LED has always provided better energy efficiency over both incandescent and fluorescent lighting. LED troffers are no different. They are at least 20% more efficient than fluorescent tubes. Since they don’t require a ballast or lamps, they also save on maintenance costs.

Longer Lifetime

Kobi Electric Troffers offer a longer lifetime, not only over fluorescent tubes but over LED tubes as well. Because the LEDs are integrated into the fixture itself, heat from the diodes are dispersed over a wider area. That means the diodes have a longer lifetime before losing brightness. They are rated to last at least 50,000 hours.

Updating the Space

Kobi Electric LED Troffers are available in several models and looks. Two of these models mimic the traditional panels from fluorescent fixtures. However, the other two use either one or two convex lenses to give these lighting fixtures a new look and feel.

Easy to Install

The Kobi Electric LED Troffer is a simple, lay-in troffer. It fits into standard drop ceiling grids and wires directly into the existing electrical system. It is also dimmable from 0-10v when used with the proper dimmer.

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