Fort Worth Church Turns To LED Troffers

In every city, there are underserved areas with a wide variety of needs. In one of these pockets, in the City of Fort Worth, a small church invested its resources into an old Pipe Fitter’s Union building and created a community center to try and help. While meeting the needs of homeless and underserved people is the easy part, keeping costs and overhead low is a little harder.

When City Church got to the electrical and lighting side of the buildout, they chose Kobi Electric LED troffers for their hallways and meeting spaces and wall packs for their outside security fixtures. “The Install was easy,” said a spokesperson for the church. “The troffers fit right into the ceiling grid, and the surface mount kits were no problem where we didn’t use a grid.”

The church doesn’t employ any maintenance staff to keep costs down. Changing bulbs and ballasts was going to be another expense they would have to take care of regularly. Every dollar that goes into upkeep is a dollar that doesn’t go into the mission of serving the homeless and refugee populations of Fort Worth. And that’s quite a few dollars considering Kobi LED troffers are rated to last more than 50,000 hours.

Then there was the matter of exterior lighting. Not only was a certain amount of light required by city codes, but it was also necessary to create a safe environment around the building’s exterior. The wall packs, equipped with the included shade, do just that. Set on timers, they provide bright light through the night, which adds safety for anyone on or around the property.

Kobi Electric is glad to see its products helping churches and other non-profits reach their goals without having to overspend on utilities and overhead.