Kobi Electric appoints Ndofor to oversee development of smart lighting applications

FORT WORTH, TEXAS – Leading LED manufacturer Kobi Electric has appointed

lighting industry veteran Terence Ndofor to be the company’s Director of Product

Development and Engineering.

Ndofor, formerly the Technical Manager for LED lighting at Jasco Products, blends

technical expertise in engineering with the vision to manage a product’s journey

from concept to marketplace. He has been responsible for developing, planning,

executing and managing large scale product roll outs and will lead testing and

designing for Kobi’s new Smart Lighting products.

Kobi is developing a line of Smart Lighting called UR HOM that will by controlled

through home automation platforms like Amazon Echo and Google Home.

Currently, the platform is in the development phase, but the company plans to

roll out the first products by the end of the year. Kobi has earned a reputation for

designing, engineering, manufacturing and delivering the most sophisticated, cost

effective LED bulbs and fixtures on the market for application in residential,

healthcare, education, institutional, churches, hotels, hospitality and warehouses.

“We are continuing to strengthen our team and adding a high energy industry

veteran like Mr. Ndofor is another step toward Kobi’s ultimate goal of being the

most progressive lighting manufactures in North America,” said Kobi Electric

president Nick Peragine. “The development and roll out of UR HOM smart lighting

products required one of the best minds in the industry, and we believe Mr.

Ndofor has a unique ability to effectively manage complex technical projects

while also maintaining an emphasis on the end-goal of customer satisfaction.”

Smart or automated home lighting systems have the potential to transform the

user experience for homeowners. Utilizing innovative user interfaces with

applications accessed through phones, tablets or an online portal, Kobi’s UR HOM

system will allow the functionality to control the mood, settings, scenes and

temperature of the light in a home while also reducing energy usage and costs.

Kobi’s UR HOM lighting system will be engineered with seamless connectivity

across multiple platforms that provides the communication functionality to fully

recognized the lifestyle gains of an intelligent lighting system.

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Kobi Electric is a U.S. based LED lighting manufacturer that designs, engineers, tests and stocks

LED bulbs and fixtures at the company’s headquarters in Fort Worth, Texas. Kobi products are

designed for many applications, including residential, healthcare, education, institutional,

churches, hotels, hospitality and warehouses.