LED Enclosed Corn Lamps

LED technology is on the rise. Integrated fixtures are becoming more and more the norm, but not all facilities want to upgrade all their fixtures. That’s where LED lamps can help, even when it comes to replacing HID and metal halide lamps. When you need a lot of light in a lamp package, turn to the Kobi Electric Enclosed Corn Lamps.

Here at Kobi Electric, we’ve built a full line of HID replacement lamps called Enclosed Corn Lamps. Corn lamps, because they are covered in phosphor coated LEDs, and enclosed because they are sealed to keep out dust and other elements. These heavy-duty lamps provide a wide light dispersion and very bright light.

Our enclosed corn lamps can be utilized in a number of applications where HID and Metal Halide lamps have been used in the past. High bays, traditional wall packs, area lights, post-tops are just a few of the fixtures they can be installed in. The fully enclosed casing and clear lenses seal the LEDs and electronics inside so they can be used outdoors.

Kobi Electric 18 Watt EnclosedCornKobi Electric Enclosed Corn Lamp -54WKobi Electric 80 Watt Enclosed Corn

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