Kobi High Bays in Church Gym

Kobi Electric Lighting Makes the Difference in Church Gymnasium

New Kobi Electric Lighting for a Church Gymnasium

High Street Baptist Church is located in Worthington, Ohio, a suburb north of Columbus. Like many churches, they utilize a gymnasium as a multi-purpose space hosting anything from athletic events for the school that is co-located in their facilities, to church functions and gatherings. Recently, however, the lighting in the facility developed increasing problems and was requiring more and more maintenance.

That’s where Kobi Electric and G&L Solutions were able to help. Like a lot of gyms, High Street was using 400-watt High-Pressure Sodium high bay fixtures as the main source of lighting. Apart from the increased rate of failure, these lamps were not able to dim, took a long time to start up and generated extra heat that the buildings cooling systems had to work to compensate for. Along with the high bays, supplemental light was generated from some chain-hung T8 shop lights and, 2×4 t8 troffers on the underside of the mezzanine perimeter and 32 watt T8s in wall mounted wraps. This combination of light sources also resulted in an almost orange color cast in the gymnasium.

G&L proposed a new combination of Kobi Electric products. First, all of the high-pressure sodium high bay fixtures would be removed and replaced with Kobi Electric Linear High Bay lighting fixtures. These fixtures are integrated LED fixtures, so there’s no tubes or lamps to have to change in the future. Next, the 2×4 fluorescent tube troffers would be removed and replaced with Kobi Electric Edge Lit Panel fixtures. In some instances, other fluorescent tubes were directly replaced with Kobi Electric Plug+Play T8 tubes.

Once installed, the change in the space was remarkable. The 5000-kelvin daylight color of the fixtures and tubes resulted in a bright, visually pleasing space and did away with the old orange color cast. The gymnasium is now about 40% brighter than with the previous lighting system. The addition of dimming switches allows the church to control the overall brightness.

While the light quality and brightness are a major improvement for the facility, energy consumption, and electrical costs also saw a major change. With all the increased light, the church saw a fully lit gymnasium using 7,872 watts to 5,220 watts resulting in a 33% reduction in energy consumption, just for powering the lights. That energy reduction is separate from the savings they expect to see now that the HVAC system no longer has to compensate for the heat projected by the High-Pressure Sodium lamps.

Kobi Electric products can make a difference in a variety of facilities and applications, from offices to warehouses to parking garages, and even gymnasiums. These products continue to lead the way in commercial LED lighting.