To use the LED ROI calculator below, enter the following values:

The Kobi Electric LED ROI Calculator is a quick and simple way to measure the money saved by switching to LED lighting technologies.

Energy Savings

  • Current lamp / fixture wattage and Proposed lamp / fixture wattage
  • Ballast factor if applicable
  • Number of existing lamps / fixtures and Number of proposed lamps / fixtures
  • Hours of use per day and Number of days per year
  • Cost per kWh and the Number of facilities in the program

Maintenance Cost of Existing System

  • Cost per replacement lamp or fixture and Cost per replacement ballast if applicable
  • Labor cost per lamp / fixture change and Labor cost per ballast change

Cost of Installation / Retrofit

  • Cost of new lamp or fixture and Labor cost to install


  • The summary will give a report of: Total Cost of Retrofit (labor and material); Total Savings Per Year (Energy, Maintenance- Labor and Materials); ROI in Years; Lifetime Savings
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The KOBI Electric ROI calculator will provide a close approximation of energy savings, maintenance savings, and ROI of a lighting retrofit project. Actual results may vary due to individual parameters, usage and factors. Please use this calculator at your own discretion.