Our LED Surface Mount Fixtures

Our line of Surface Mount fixtures offers a variety of solutions for every project. From outside to inside, and parking lots to warehouses there several solutions for your lighting challenges.
These are versatile, general lighting fixtures with a low profile design and plastic diffuser. When it comes to cost-effective interior lighting, this fixture is a must. These fixtures are ideal for kitchens and bathrooms and are perfect solutions for general lighting in dorms and multi-family housing. They mount easily and last more than 50,000 hours, providing savings for years to come.
 LED Flush Mount
Canopy lights are perfect solutions for overhead lighting for parking structures, covered drives, and open air structures. Whether it’s an upgrade to an existing structure or installation in new construction, these canopy lights are far more efficient than traditional HID lighting. Available in white or bronze housing, these durable outdoor surface mount fixtures will provide years of quality light with little to no maintenance.
Dust, dirt, and humidity and sometimes fumes can have a corrosive effect on electronics, including LED lighting. Our Vapor Tight fixtures are designed to operate inside of those conditions, safely with no adverse reactions to the lighting fixture. These fixtures are designed to provide exceptional illumination without the use of lamps and with limited maintenance costs and are similar in look to traditional fluorescent vapor tight fixtures.
LED Vapor Tight