New Area Lights

Whether in parking lots or on buildings, the traditional shoebox area light has been a standard for industrial and commercial buildings. Now, we here at Kobi Electric have introduced energy efficient LED technology to these applications by developing the LED Area Light. These lights are designed to be mounted on walls or poles and work with lighting controls. These Area lights produce bright light at a 5000 kelvin color temperature to provide clear, beautiful light to large areas.

Ensuring safety on the exteriors of buildings and in parking lots is vitally important for retail outlets, office buildings, schools, industrial complexes and many other commercial facilities. Because of this, these lights are often used from dusk till dawn, making them one of the most expensive pieces of lighting equipment for any building. However, LED technology can lower the energy consumption of lighting up to 80% over HID or incandescent lighting.

The area lights are available in two brightness levels, 13,850 lumens, and 37,500 lumens. Their mounting equipment allows them to be mounted in static or adjustable angles. All mounting equipment is sold separately from the lighting fixtures.

At Kobi Electric, It’s our goal to provide affordable, efficient LED lighting for all applications.