New Battery Back Up Options for Troffers

Our full line of Troffers offers a solution for a variety of commercial and institutional spaces. From small offices to large conference or classrooms, there is a size for every need. Replacing aging fluorescent light fixtures and tubes with LED lighting has never been easier. And now we are pleased to offer emergency lighting options for all of our LED troffers.

Through Kobi Electric, you may now purchase IOTA battery backup systems that are compatible with all Kobi Electric Troffer models. In the event of a power outage, the battery backup will provide enough power and light to allow occupants to safely exit the area. These systems add an extra layer of safety and provide a solution to code requirements.

We can deliver these IOTA battery backups in two different options. They can be ordered from Kobi Electric on their own in whatever quantity is needed and installed by electricians in the field, or they can be installed by Kobi Electric technicians and shipped as a whole unit with the troffer.

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