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New Enclosed Corn Lamps

Here at Kobi Electric, we are continuously developing new products based on the growing needs of our customers and their customers. The Kobi Electric Enclosed Corn Lamp is one of the many upcoming results of that dedication to development.

Previously, we offered our fan-cooled, exposed diode corn lamp. It was well suited for many indoor, high brightness applications. We even used them to retrofit the high bay fixtures in our own warehouse. They come on instantly and give off a great, cool, bright light.

With our new enclosed design, we can now offer an IP65 ingress rating, which makes these lamps suitable for many outdoor applications. The redesign also handles the heat put off by the diodes more efficiently so we no longer need a fan to keep the lamps cool and operating for their full rated lifetime.

Kobi Electric 18 Watt EnclosedCornKobi Electric Enclosed Corn Lamp -54WKobi Electric 80 Watt Enclosed Corn

We’ve also expanded how many lumens we can offer in a corn lamp. They are available from as low as 1850 lumens to as bright as 14,350 lumens. These new lumen offerings make them as useful for outdoor post tops as they are for lighting the interior of a factory.

In the lower lumen models, we’ve also expanded the color offering. Two Kelvin temperatures are available, 2700 and 5000. We also offer an amber colored lamp. It has several applications, but we really had our Florida and atlantic coast customers in mind where exterior lighting has to comply with local environmental ordinances.

You can find out more about our Enclosed Corn Lamps and download specification sheets here:

Enclosed Corn Lamps Specifications

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