NEW FEATURE: Connect With Our Sales Team

Offering our line of products to a wide range of distributors across a nationwide market takes manpower. We have worked over the last year to place sales people in key regions throughout the United States and cultivate Sales Reps to bring Kobi Electric to nationwide distribution.
Now, with the ease of clicking your region of the United States, you can find the Regional Manager and Rep agencies who will get you connected with the Kobi Electric LED products you and your customers need.
At Kobi Electric we want the process of stocking and selling our products to be as painless and simple as possible and that was the driving force behind this new feature on our website. Getting you directly in touch with one of our team members, on the ground, with the ability to get you what you need is our goal.
Please visit our Sales page, take a look around, and contact your Regional Manager or Sales Rep today!