New LED ROI Calculator

New LED ROI Calculator

We’re happy to announce a new feature on the Kobi Electric website: our new LED ROI Calculator. This calculator will allow our customers to run some quick calculations to see just how much money they can save over time with Kobi Electric LED lighting products. With just a few pieces of information, the calculator makes the difference between LED and other technologies incredibly clear.

The new ROI calculator is simple to use. It is broken down into several sections, starting with energy savings, then maintenance cost, then finally cost of installation/retrofit. The calculator outputs total cost, savings, and return on investment in years. Then submitting the form e-mails its results to the customer who is using it.

ROI Calculator Screen ShotROI Calculator Screen Shot 2

The ROI calculator is only an estimate. When it comes to real world lighting use and installations there are many factors that could change the exact amount of cost and savings. However, it will give a close approximation of the overall savings available to the customer and is a useful project planning tool. The calculator can be accessed by a tab at the top of every page on the website, or you can use the link below.

Use the calculator here:

LED ROI Calculator