LED Corn Lamp

Corn Lamp

The Kobi Electric Corn Lamp is a direct replacement for HID lights used in many high lumen and industrial applications. These low wattage replacements for high bays, street lights, wall packs and other applications requiring constant bright light for long periods will last up to 50,000 hours of use.

Product Description

Corn Lamp

Named for its shape and resemblance to a classic vegetable, the Kobi Electric LED Corn Lamp offers omnidirectional light dispersion with a high lumen output. With its E39 screw base, this bulb is perfect for replacing high bay and HID lighting as well as some outdoor lighting fixtures.

No Ballast Necessary

When replacing a traditional HID bulb with a Kobi Electric LED Corn Lamp, it is necessary to bypass or remove the ballast from the HID fixture. The lamp operates properly without a ballast and saves the future cost of ballast replacement.


  • Up to 75% more efficient than HID equivalent
  • Longer life and lower maintenance costs
  • Active fan heat exchange cooling
  • Mercury and Lead free, as well as UV and IR free
  • Instant on, no warmup up or start up time
K3N3 LED-3100-CL-E39-60-MV-ND 30 E39 100W HID 100-277 6000K 3100 No
K3N4 LED-4200-CL-E39-60-MV-ND 40 E39 150W HID 100-277 6000K 4200 No
K3N5 LED-6500-CL-E39-60-MV-ND 60 E39 200W HID 100-277 6000K 6500 No
K4N1 LED-9000-CL-E39-60-MV-ND 80 E39 250W HID 100-277 6000K 9000 No
K3N6 LED-12000-CL-E39-60-MV-ND 100 E39 350W HID 100-277 6000K 12000 No
K3N7 LED-14000-CL-E39-60-MV-ND 120 E39 400W HID 100-277 6000K 14000 No