Kobi Electric LED A21 Bulb

A21 Directional

The Kobi Electric directional LED A21 lamp is a direct replacement for incandescent and CFL A21 lamps. Longer lasting than its counterparts, the directional A21 perfect for both overhead applications and lamps and freestanding luminaires.

Product Description

LED A21 Directional

The LED A21 is a directional lamp with a 120° beam angle. This makes the A21 perfect for overhead applications, such as ceiling fans as well as lamps and luminaires. The bulb is available in three color temperatures and high lumens, or brightness. The LED A21 replaces incandescent and CFL A21 shape bulbs.


  • 80% more efficient that incandescent equivalent
  • UV and IR free
  • Longer life and lower maintenance costs
  • Mercury and Lead free RoHS Compliant
  • Instant on to full brightness

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Order Code Part Number Wattage (W) Base Replaces Voltage (V) Color (k) Typical Lumens Dim
K2L2 LED-1600-AD-27 19 E26 100W A21 120 2700 1600 Yes
K0N6 LED-1600-AD-40 19 E26 100W A21 120 4000 1700 Yes
K2L3 LED-1600-AD-50 19 E26 100W A21 120 5000 1900 Yes
K1N6 LED-2000-AD-27 20 E26 125W A21 120 2700 1850 Yes
K3Q2 LED-2000-AD-30 20 E26 125W A21 120 3000 1850 Yes
K5N1 LED-2200-AD-27-ND 21 E26 150W A21 120 2700 2200 No
K3Q3 LED-2450-AD-30-ND 21 E26 150W A21 120 3000 2450 No
K5N2 LED-2550-AD-40-ND 21 E26 150W A21 120 4000 2550 No