LED Dimmable T8 Linear Rewire Tube

Kobi Electric LED Dimmable T8 Tubes operate in fluorescent fixtures with a bypassed ballast. These 12-watt tubes are the newest dimmable option for T8 Tube applications.

Product Description

LED Dimmable T8 Linear Rewire Tube

KOBI Electric’s Dimmable 12-Watt LED T8 ballast bypass tubes are low maintenance and the most energy efficient alternatives for traditional T12 and T8 fluorescent lamps available in the market today. They are designed for direct wire to a non-shunted tombstone and will run on 120 VAC, and have a dedicated internal driver, rendering the fluorescent ballast unnecessary. KOBI Electric’s Dimmable 12W T8’s have a wide field angle, making them perfect for reflector equipped fixtures and all other common existing fluorescent fixtures. The KOBI Electric Dimmable 12W T8 LED Tube is the choice of major national retailers currently retrofitting their stores and facilities.


  • Eliminates fluorescent lamp and ballast maintenance costs
  • Longer, more energy efficient life than fluorescent T8 lamps
  • Suitable for indoor/damp locations and sheltered outdoor use
  • Mercury and Lead-free, UV and IR free
  • Instant on to full brightness

Kobi Electric T8 Options

LED T8 Economy Tube

LED T8 Tube Rewire

LED T8 Tube Plug+Play

PET Coated Frosted Glass

Order Code Part Number Wattage (W) Voltage (V)  Color TEMPERATURE Typical Lumens CRI Dim DLC QPL NSF Certified download ies files
K8Q8 T8-F4-1240-DMB 12  120  4000K 1800 >80 YES NO YES  K8Q8-9 IES
K8Q9 T8-F4-1250-DMB 12  120 5000K 1800 >80  YES NO  YES  K8Q8-9 IES


Tombstones and Pigtails

Order Code Part Number Description)
 K3R4 G13-T8-3 3 Socket Non-Shunted Troffer Pigtail Kit for LED T8