LED Economy Panel Troffer

Kobi Electric Economy Panel Troffers offer an all-in-one replacement for fluorescent tubes, ballasts, and fixtures. They are designed with strips of LEDs inside the fixture that mimic the linear look of fluorescent tubes. They offer superior light and long lifetime in offices, schools, hospitals, retail outlets, or any application where fluorescent lighting would typically be used. Battery backup options are available either seperately or installed on all Kobi Electric troffers.

Product Description

LED Economy Panel Troffer

The Kobi Electric LED Economy Panel Troffer offers a total replacement for fluorescent tubes and fixtures. This troffer is a permanent, long-lasting, all-in-one fixture. It contains no lamps that require replacement, instead, the LEDs are mounted directly to the fixture. These LED troffers are designed and manufactured in the same standard sizes as their fluorescent predecessors. The economy panel versions of our LED Troffers are designed with strips of LEDs, mimicking the linear look of fluorescent tubes.


  • Eliminates fluorescent lamp and ballast maintenance costs
  • Longer, more energy efficient life than fluorescent T8 lamps
  • Mercury and Lead-free, UV and IR free
  • Instant on to full brightness
  • >50,000 Hour Life Expectancy

Surface Mount Kits

Surface mount kits are not included with the troffer but are available in 2′ x 2′ and 2′ x 4′ dimensions.

Battery Backup Options

IOTA battery backup units are available for purchase and installation on all Kobi Electric LED Troffers.


Order Code Part Number Lens Size (Ft) Wattage (W) Voltage (V) Color TEMPERATURE Typical Lumens Dim CRI download ies files
K1P0 TRS3-22-32-40-MV Panel 2 x 2 32 120-277 4000 3500 0-10V >80 K1P0 IES
K1P1 TRS3-22-32-50-MV Panel 2 x 2 32 120-277 5000 3700 0-10V >80 K1P1 IES
K1P3 TRS-24-42-50-MV Panel 2 x 4 42 120-277 5000 5150 0-10V >80 K1P3 IES

Surface Mount Kits

Order Code Troffer Size Description
K2Q8 SMK22 2′ x 2′ Surface Mount Kit
K2Q9 SMK24 4′ x 4′ Surface Mount Kit

Available Battery Backup Units

Order Code Part Number Description
K5R3 ILB-CP-5-A IOTA Battery Backup – 700 lumen minimum
K5R4 ILB-CP-10-A IOTA Battery Backup – 1400 lumen minimum
K5FI Factory Install