LED Edge Lit Panels

The LED Edge Lit Panel is designed to be both energy and space efficient. Its flat design makes it ideal for use in projects requiring a slim installation depth. This high-quality lighting fixture makes any space it illuminates look great, whether it's a medical building, office space or school.

Product Description

LED Edge Lit Panel

The Kobi Electric LED Edge Lit Panel is a flat lighting fixture. It is designed to lay into drop ceiling grids but is thinner and lighter than traditional lay-in fixtures. Along with traditional drop ceilings, The LED Edge Lit Panel fits projects requiring a slim installation depth. With a high CRI value, the Edge Lit Panel is ideal for offices, schools, hospitals and other work spaces. Panels are available in 2′ x 2′ and 2′ x 4′ sizes and in 4000k and 5000k color temperatures.


  • Eliminates fluorescent lamp and ballast maintenance cost
  • Longer, more energy-efficient life than fluorescent lamps
  • Suitable for damp locations
  • Mercury and Lead-free, UV and IR free
  • Instant on to full brightness
  • Seismic clips come installed on all models
Order Code Part Number Wattage (W) SIZE (ft) Voltage (V) Color TEMPERATURE Typical Lumens Dim CRI download ies files
K3R6 ELP-22-40-40-MV 40 2 x 2 100-277 4000 4400 0-10V >80 K3R6-7 IES
K3R7 ELP-22-40-50-MV 40 2 x 2 100-277 5000 4400 0-10V >80 K3R6-7 IES
K3R8 ELP-24-50-40-MV 50 2 x 4 100-277 4000 5500 0-10V >80 K3R8-9 IES
K3R9 ELP-24-50-50-MV 50 2 x 4 100-277 5000 5500 0-10V >80 K3R8-9 IES

Available Battery Backup Units

Order Code Part Number Troffer Size Description
K5R3 ILB-CP-5-A 2’x2′ IOTA Battery Backup – 700 lumen minimum
K5R4 ILB-CP-10-A 2’x4′ IOTA Battery Backup – 1400 lumen minimum