LED G25 Vanity Globe

The Kobi Electric G25 Vanity Globe LED lamp is a match for bathroom vanity fixtures. Its omnidirectional beam angle and light weight allow full coverage bathroom vanity lighting.

Product Description

LED G25 Globe

The Kobi Electric LED G25  Globe is a direct replacement for incandescent vanity lamps. With the same round shape and comparable brightness, these lamps come in two color temperatures. With a white exterior and frosted lens, the shape and design of the LED G25 Vanity Globe will blend into most décor.


  • Up to 84% more efficient than incandescent bulbs
  • Longer life and lower maintenance costs
  • Dimmable when used with approved dimming switch
  • Mercury and Lead-free, as well as UV and IR free
  • Instant on to full brightness
Order Code Part Number Wattage (W) Base Replaces Voltage (V) Color TEMPERATURE Typical Lumens Dim Download ies files
K9R0 G25-60-30 7 E26 60W-G25 120 3000 500 YES K9R0 IES
K9R2 G25-60-50 7 E26 60W-G25 120 5000 500 YES K9R2 IES