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LED New Construction Down Light

The best time to think about LED lighting is from the very beginning.  At Kobi Electric, we have expanded our LED lighting options past retrofits into models designed for new construction projects. The New Construction Down Lights a available in standard sizes of 4″,6″ and 8″. These fixtures are dimmable from 0-10 volts and have a high-quality color rendering to provide the best light possible for any space. These lights are ideal for industrial, commercial or retail spaces. The trims and driver integrated frame-in units are sold separately but must be installed together to ensure the proper operation of the products.

Product Description

LED New Construction Down Light

The Kobi Electric LED New Construction Down Light models are available in standard 4″, 6″ and 8″ sizes. Each model is available in 4000k and 5000k color temperatures. They are designed for installation in commercial and industrial construction projects. The LED driver is integrated into the frame-in unit and are sold separately from the trims that house the light. These products meet Energy Star standards. New Construction Down Lights provide high-quality light for retail, office, and other commercial and industrial spaces.

Trims/Lights and Driver Integrated Frame-In Units are sold separately. Kobi Electric trims/lights must be used with Kobi Electric frame-in units to ensure proper operation.

For smaller downlights, see:
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  • Up to 80% more efficient than incandescent bulbs
  • Longer life and lower maintenance costs
  • Dimmable 0-10 volts
  • Mercury and Lead-free, as well as UV and IR free
  • Instant on to full brightness
  • Damp location rated

Trims/Lights and Driver Integrated Frame-In Units are sold separately. Kobi Electric Frame-In Units must be used with Kobi Electric Trims/Lights to ensure proper operation.


K6Q5 NDL4-15-40-WFL-CWH-MV 4 17 120-277 4000 1100 >80 0-10V
K6Q6 NDL4-15-50-WFL-CWH-MV 4 17 120-277 5000 1000 >80 0-10V
K6Q8 NDL6-28-40-WFL-CWH-MV 6 32 120-277 4000 2200 >80 0-10V
K6Q9 NDL6-28-50-WFL-CWH-MV 6 32 120-277 5000 2400 >80 0-10V
K7Q1 NDL6-40-40-WFL-CWH-MV 6 42 120-277 4000 2950 >80 0-10V
K7Q2 NDL6-40-50-WFL-CWH-MV 6 42 120-277 5000 3400 >80 0-10V
K7Q4 NDL8-40-40-WFL-CWH-MV 8 43 120-277 4000 3050 >80 0-10V
K7Q5 NDL8-40-50-WFL-CWH-MV 8 43 120-277 5000 3450 >80 0-10V
K7Q7 NDL8-52-40-WFL-CWH-MV 8 55 120-277 4000 3600 >80 0-10V
K7Q8 NDL8-52-50-WFL-CWH-MV 8 55 120-277 5000 4350 >80 0-10V

Driver Integrated Frame-In Units

K6Q7 PF4-15 4″ Frame-In Unit 120-277 0-10V
K7Q0 PF6-28 6″ Frame-In Unit 120-277 0-10V
K7Q3 PF6-40 6″ Frame-In Unite 120-277 0-10V
K7Q6 PF8-40 8″ Frame-In Unit 120-277 0-10V
K7Q9 PF8-52 8″ Frame-In Unit 120-277 0-10V