LED PL GX23 Lamp (PL-S)

The Kobi Electric LED PL GX23 lamp replaces compact fluorescent GX23 PL-S lamps. All of these models operate both with a ballast and without. These low maintenance and energy efficient lamps are long lasting, and help to keep maintenance costs low. All of Kobi Electric's LED GX23 lamp models are listed on the Lighting Design Labs Qualified Product List.

Product Description

LED PL GX23 Lamp

Kobi Electric LED PL GX23 Lamp, Kobi Electric LED PL GX23 lamps are low maintenance and energy efficient alternatives for fluorescent PL-S tube lamps. They are designed to be compatible with existing ballasts or used with a bypassed ballast or direct wire fixture. Unlike fluorescents, our PL GX23 lamps start instantly with no warm up time.

Kobi Electric PL Lamps


  • Listed on Lighting Design Labs QPL
  • Eliminates fluorescent lamp costs.
  • Longer, more energy efficient life than PL tube compact fluorescent lamps.
  • Universal base for 2-pin.
  • Mercury and Lead-free, UV and IR free.
  • Instant on to full brightness.
Order Code Part Number Wattage (W) Base Voltage (V) Color TEMPERATURE Typical Lumens Dim DOWNLOAD IES FILES
K5Q2 PL-440-RPP-GX23 4 GX23 120-277 4000 400 NO K5Q2-3 IES
K5Q3 PL-450-RPP-GX23 4 GX23 120-277 5000 400 NO K5Q2-3 IES
K5Q4 PL-640-RPP-GX23 6 GX23 120-277 4000 600 NO K5Q4-5 IES
K5Q5 PL-650-RPP-GX23 6 GX23 120-277 5000 600 NO K5Q4-5 IES
K5Q6 PL-840-RPP-GX23 8 GX23 120-277 4000 800 NO K5Q6-7 IES
K5Q7 PL-850-RPP-GX23 8 GX23 120-277 5000 800 NO K5Q6-7 IES