LED Retrofit Down Light

Kobi Electric LED Downlight Retrofit fixtures are replacements for down lighting. These fixtures are dimmable and available in 4”, and 5-6″ sizes. They ship with an E26 adapter. This allows them to connect and fit easily into existing recessed cans, so there's no need to install new housings.

Product Description

LED Retrofit Down Light

The Kobi Electric LED Retrofit Down Light series is designed to replace lamps in recessed cans. These fixtures are dimmable with an approved dimmer switch and are available in 4”, and 5-6″ sizes. They clip easily into existing recessed cans. Unlike more industrial models, the retrofits use an E26 adapter. This adapter allows this retrofit to easily plug into any recessed can.

The LED Retrofit Down Lights are dimmable with approved dimming switches. They are available in multiple color temperatures and lumen options to fit any lighting need.


  • Up to 84% more efficient than incandescent bulbs
  • Longer life and lower maintenance costs
  • Dimmable when used with approved dimming switch
  • Mercury and Lead-free, as well as UV and IR free
  • Instant on to full brightness
  • Wet location rated

More LED Down Light Options

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Order Code Part Number Wattage (W) SIZE Voltage (V) Color TEMPERATURE Typical Lumens Dim download ies files
K9Q1 DL4-8-30 8 4″ 120 3000 550 YES K9Q1 IES
K9Q2 DL4-8-40 8 4″ 120 4000 550 YES K9Q2 IES
K9Q3 DL4-8-50 8 4″ 120 5000 550 YES K9Q3 IES
K9Q5 DL56-10-40 10 5-6″ 120 4000 750 YES K9Q5 IES
K9Q6 DL56-10-50 10 5-6″ 120 5000 750 YES K9Q6 IES
K9Q7 DL56-20-30 20 5-6″ 120 3000 1500 YES K9Q7 IES
K9Q8 DL56-20-40 20 5-6″ 120 4000 1500 YES K9Q8 IES
K9Q9 DL56-20-50 20 5-6″ 120 5000 1500 YES K9Q9 IES


Order Code Part Number Description
KQR9 GU24-EXT GU24 Adapter