Omnidirectional A19 GU24 75W Equivalent

Since LED technology started making its way into the general lighting world, LED bulbs have been attempting to achieve the same lighting quality and look as their incandescent counterparts. Now, the new Kobi Electric Omnidirectional A19 GU24 LED bulb produces a beam angle that rivals any incandescent or CFL equivalent. This lamp is a  direct replacement for incandescent and CFL A-shape bulbs with a GU24 base.

Product Description

Omnidirectional A19 GU24

Unlike older LED replacement lamps that only cast light in a single direction, the Omnidirectional A19 GU24 casts light at a 360-degree beam angle. Not only does the beam more accurately replicate and incandescent lamp, but the GU24 base makes it a direct replacement for modern CFL lamps. It is available in four color temperatures and 800 lumens.


  • ENERGY STAR Certified
  • Up to 80% more efficient than incandescent equivalent
  • Longer life and lower maintenance costs
  • Dimmable when used with approved dimming switch
  • Mercury and Lead-free, as well as UV and IR free
  • Instant on to full brightness
  • GU24 Base


The omnidirectional GU24 a19 lamp has several applications in both residential and office settings. Because of its omnidirectional beam. With its GU24 base, this lamp replaces modern CFL lamps and is useful in non-directional overhead applications. Wall sconces will also benefit from the omnidirectional beam produced by this lamp. Because of its smooth dimming capability, the bulb is useful for mood lighting and other accent lighting in the appropriate GU24 based fixtures.

K6M0 A19-75-30-GU24 12 GU24 75W-A19 120 3000K 1100 Yes
K6M1 A19-75-40-GU24 12 GU24 75W-A19 120 4000K 1100 Yes
K6M2 A19-75-50-GU24 12 GU24 75W-A19 120 5000K 1100 Yes