LED PL Lamp (PL-C)

The LED PL lamp is a direct replacement for compact fluorescent PL-C lamps. With these lamps, there is no longer a need for unreliable ballasts and with its universal base, it is compatible with all 4-pin and diagonal 2-pin sockets. All Kobi Electric LED PL Lamps are on the Lighting Design Labs (LDL) qualified products list.

Product Description


Kobi Electric LED PL Lamp –  With a universal base that is compatible with 2-pin diagonal and 4 pin fluorescent sockets, Kobi Electric LED PL lamps are low maintenance and energy efficient alternatives for traditional PL-C tube compact fluorescent lamps. They are designed for 120-277 VAC directly from mains, and have a dedicated internal driver, rendering the fluorescent ballast unnecessary. Unlike fluorescents, our PL lamps start instantly with no warm up time.


  • Eliminates fluorescent lamp costs.
  • Longer, more energy efficient life than PL tube compact fluorescent lamps.
  • Universal base for 2-pin diagonal and 4-pin.
  • Mercury and Lead-free, UV and IR free.
  • Instant on to full brightness.
Order Code Part Number Size Wattage (W) Base (universal) Voltage (V) Color TEMPERATURE Typical Lumens Dim download ies files
K3Q4 PL-1335-RMV-G24 5″ 7 G24 120-277 3500 750 No K3Q4-6 IES
K3Q6 PL-1350-RMV-G24 5″ 7 G24 120-277 5000 800 No K3Q4-6 IES
K3Q7 PL-1835-RMV-G24 6.5″ 10 G24 120-277 3500 1050 No K3Q7-9 IES
K3Q8 PL-1840-RMV-G24 6.5″ 10 G24 120-277 4000 1050 No K3Q7-9 IES
K4Q0 PL-2635-RMV-G24 6.5″ 13 G24 120-277 3500 1400 No K4Q0-2 IES