T8 Tube High Bay Fixture

Eliminate warm up times and regular maintenance of fluorescent tubes and ballasts with new T8 Tube high bay fixtures. These fixtures are designed to maximize the output of any Kobi Electric LED T8 Rewire Tube. They are an ideal replacement for high bay fixtures in warehouses and industrial facilities. Emergency lighting equipment, optical accessories and mounting options are available for the T8 Tube High Bay Fixtures. Emergency lighting equipment can be delivered separately or installed. Kobi Electric LED T8 Rewire Tubes are sold and ship separately.

Product Description

T8 Tube High Bay

The Kobi Electric T8 Tube High Bay Fixture is intended to replace traditional high bay fixtures often found in warehouses, factories and other large industrial situations. They are designed to house Kobi Electric T8 Rewire Tubes. Its reflective design maximises the output of the led tubes. The fixture is available in four, six tube, and eight tube configurations and is shipped with mounting brackets. Kobi Electric LED Rewire Tubes come in multiple brightness and Kelvin options to match the needs of any application. These fixtures are designed to be directly wired into existing electrical systems ranging from 120VAC to 277VAC. Kobi Electric T8 Rewire Tubes are sold and ship separately.


  • Eliminates fluorescent lamp and ballast maintenance costs
  • Uses mercury and lead-free lamps
  • Instant on to full brightness

Tube High Bays

Order Code Part Number Size Voltage (V)
K1R5 HBT8-24-4 4 Tube 120-277
K1R7 HBT8-24-8 8 Tube 120-277


K1R4 G24-4 4 Tube
K1R8 G24-6 6 Tube
K1R9 G24-8 8 Tube

Available Battery Backup Units

Order Code Part Number Description
K5R2 IIS-25-I IOTA Interruptible Unit Inverter

Optical Accessories

K5S6 LOD-500SEC Occupancy Sensor
K5S7 LOD-509SEC Smart Occupancy Sensor
K5S8 EMA-500 Occupancy Sensor Elbow Attachment

Optional Mounting Equipment

Order Code Part Number Description
K5S5 HBG-10 Cable Hanging System