Kobi Electric and the USS Hornet

For the past several weeks on the blog, we’ve talked about the power of the LED lighting. The great ability of LED in it’s diverse brightness, style, and wattage makes it an ideal product to use in your home and office. The power can be seen in it’s ability to light your space well and
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ENERGY STAR Certified LED Buln

A19 Bulb – Energy Star Certified

Big news today out of Washington: our Kobi Electric Omni Directional A19 bulbs have officially been Energy Star Certified. The ENERGY STAR program was established by EPA in 1992 and identifies and promotes energy–efficient products and buildings in order to reduce energy consumption, improve energy security, and reduce pollution through products and buildings that meet the highest
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It seems that each week there is a new development that advances the LED Revolution even more.  Now, The Washington Post reports that a graphene light bulb could be the start of even more progress: http://wapo.st/1yMe58Q As the article notes: “While the product itself may not sound spectacular – it’s essentially just a longer-lasting bulb
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T8 Tubes

LED TUBES: A Fluorescent Alternative

Today, LED lighting technology is evolving at a break-neck pace compared to other lighting technologies.  During and following WWII, Fluorescent lighting began to overtake incandescent as the most prolific electric light source in America.  And over the following decades, fluorescents gradually improved in light output and color rendering.  LED technology on the other hand, though
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